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My research interests are centered around understanding the tangled landscape of online governance. Right now, I'm interested in the complexity of governing large-scale, decentralized social computing systems (e.g. Reddit, Wikipedia) that results in diverse notions of governance across subcommunities.

A lot of my work is motivated by an interest in: complexities arising in governance, such as how online groups diversely interpret, innovate beyond, subvert, and co-opt rule ambiguities + platform constraints/allowances to manage themselves; what implications the varied governing work of these groups has on platform-level regulatory effectiveness; and in what ways current ideas about "online governance" might be inadequate.

If you're interested in collaborating or have any questions, please get in touch :)

current projects

Visual representation of parallel communities

WIKIPI (Wikipedia Policy Invocation),
examining rule development and enforcement across multiple language editions of Wikipedia.

Image representation bursts of information

Multiplatform information loss,
studying information loss as scientific content spreads across platforms.

I'm also involved with CDSC COVID-19 Digital Observatory where I help maintain some data collection, and work on projects under NSF grant IIS-1617468 on ecological approaches to online communities.


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