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Hello! I'm a first-year PhD student in the Media, Technology, and Society program at Northwestern University, advised by Dr. Aaron Shaw and part of the Community Data Science Collective.

My research interests center around governance (very broadly speaking: rules, admins, design, etc.) and online participation on the scale of multi-community + multi-platform analyses. Right now, I'm particularly interested in the complexity of governing large-scale social computing systems, especially platforms following decentralized modes of moderation and rule enforcement like Reddit and Wikipedia. At a high level, a lot of this is motivated by a more abstract interest in how structures become messy in reality, like the gap between rules de jure and rules de facto. I tend to utilize computational / quantitative approaches.

You can look at current projects below + see my full CV as a PDF here.

In my non-academic life, I volunteer as a tutor with the cool folks at GirlForward and like to hang around museums + take pictures on my point-and-shoot.

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I'm best reached by email. If I don't respond in about 3 days, don't hesitate to send a little follow-up :^) On the Evanston campus, I can usually be found at/around 2-419 Frances Searle.

email: sohyeonhwang [at]

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